Our services cover the full range of cosmetic dental work. We recommend that anyone considering cosmetic dental work should give us a call. We answer all questions and will help you understand the variety of treatments available, as well as help you work out the right kind of treatments for your condition.

Services In Detail:


General dentistry is a vital part of good dental care. Diagnosing potential problems like bite irregularities, gum disease and tooth decay will help you receive the right care before the problem becomes painful or problematic.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a beautiful smile will give you self-confidence and enhance your natural look. Cosmetic dentistry is almost an art utilising modern equipment, skills, scientific applications and carefully chosen materials.


This is fantastic new way to straighten teeth without visible braces on your teeth. You are given a series of comfortable, custom-made, nearly invisible teeth guards that gradually align your teeth to create the perfect smile

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth is a fast way to perfect your smile, your bite and your teeth. We gently create space in the gum and bone that allows us to implant a dental crown that appears exactly like the rest of your teeth.

Conscious Sedation

We want all our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable. There are a variety of different techniques available but conscious sedation means that you are relaxed and not in pain and ready to get on with your day after treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Careful brushing and regular visits to your dentist are essential to maintain sound dental hygiene. Sometimes you also need a little help to maintain the appearance of perfectly white teeth. We have a team that will whiten your teeth quickly and painlessly.

Making An Appointment

When you are ready to make an appointment and want to speak to a member of our team please call us on 01752 662929 today and we will be able to help.